Facebook Open Graph Video Meta Generator

The two geeks at My Two Geeks also own and opperate RSVP Services - shown in the video below. This page uses our Facebook Open Graph Meta Generator to add OG Meta data to the page. This allows you or your visitors to paste the pages URL onto a Facebook Wall, and the video and it's description will be automatically loaded to the Facebook Page - the video playing directly on facebook. Go ahead and try it - copy and paste this url, http://www.mytwogeeks.com/rsvpVideo.php to your Facebook wall, and watch it appear as a video. Remember, you can click the “drop arrow” in the bottom area of your Facebook post to block others from seeing the post (change the setting to “just me”).

When viewing the source code of this page, you will see the meta tags below in the code. These are the tags that are automatically added to this page by our PHP script.

Click here to automatically add Open Graph Meta data to your webpages.